Mothership Research Meeting, Project Arts Centre, Saturday 21 November 11am-1pm #WakingTheFeminists

On this momentous day #WakingTheFeminists we are pleased to announce our next research meeting

Lina Bo Bardi SESC PompeiaThe second in a planned series of architectural research meetings between The Mothership Project and artist / architect Tara Kennedy will take place at Project Arts Centre on Saturday 21st November 11am-1pm. Children are welcome to attend.

This meeting, the second of four, will discuss third place, work and informal creative practices, ‘threshold space as common space’ (1) and ideas of ‘leisure’ (2), culture and access in shared spaces.

Tara’s research explores experience of architecture in shared, cultural and co-working spaces for parents with our young children. It will question how the design of these places might better support radical and active citizenship, flexible working practices and exchange of ideas, and therefore contribute to more socially diverse and inclusive living. Tara is discussing these issues with ‘The Mothership Project’ through a series of meetings directly exploring our experience of architecture in shared spaces.


1. Stavros Stavrides, Towards a city of Thresholds

2. Lina Bo Bardi and the SESC Pompeia


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