The Arts in Education Charter – Thoughts?

ARTS IN EDUCATION1Back in June 2013 posted some in depth responses to the ambitious Arts in Education Charter –

The charter can be read here:

The charter was launched 4 Jan 2013 by the Department of  Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and the Dept Education and Skills – and as yet hasn’t been implemented.

The Charter sets out many laudable aims and actions, that are perhaps of special interest to art-worker parents, whom might (but not necessarily) have greater concern that others about the place of the arts within the state administration of education and child development and care services.

A number of the responses gathered by mention the work of Reggio Emilia, in relation to teaching young children – which has been previously cited here on the Mothership Project website.

Item 1 of the charter, might raise some eyebrows – the Public Service Education Dividend (PSED), which is a stipulation that artist and art institutions in receipt of public funding donate a small amount of time to education initiatives).

What do art-worker parents – who might work for organisations or as individuals be occasionally in receipt of public monies – think about this call to volunteer a little of their time and expertise?


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