The Mothership Project @The Workers Cafe, Temple Bar Galleries and Studios


The Mothership Project will run the next meeting at Temple Bar Galleries and Studios as part of The Workers Cafe. 

11am Tuesday 22 October

Artist parents are invited to a discussion that will be facilitated by Lynda Devenney and Seoidín O’Sullivan of The Mothership Project. This discussion will focus on the issue of balancing an art practice and childcare as an artist parent. We will look at possible alternative co-operative models of childcare that artists and art institutions/studios could adopt. Bring your ideas. Children welcome. Play and art materials will be provided.

The Workers Café transforms the Gallery at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios into a pop up cafe and social space for discussion, learning, sharing skills and food from October 11th until November 2nd 2013. Inquiries into Labour, in both historical and contemporary contexts will be collectively addressed. The Workers Café will be an event-based exhibition that will deal with these ideas, but with a particular emphasis on real-world issues facing artists in Ireland today through an investigation of time as a unit of economy, acts of community, generosity and goodwill within a micro-economy.The environment will be at once an artwork, a café, information centre and an events space. The café will become a hub in Temple Bar in which members of the public alongside artists can come to drink coffee, discuss, socialise, read and talk, as well as taking part in a series of daily curated events.


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