Free Range Learning in Dublin

Free Range Learning Meetup for September Information!

Date and time: Mon Sep 30 11am to 1pm
Location: The Exchange, Temple Bar
Lead this month: Joanne Byrne…

Free Range Learning in Dublin


What it is: a loose network of parents in Dublin who are interested in “unschooling” as a precursor, complement or alternative to formal education.  For those not familiar with the term, there’s a lovely piece here that discusses what it means:


What we do:

  • Share useful websites or resources that we’ve found or created.
  • Meet in small local groups for activities and play.
  • Organise ourselves to book into interesting places as a group, to avail of discounts and opportunities that might not be available to individual families.
  • Meet regularly in a larger group to help parents and children forge links with each other and to offer fun and interesting learning opportunities to the children (and adults!). See Free Range Learning Meets doc for more info on these larger meets.


Who it’s for: if you’re a parent, and you’re interested in unschooling, it’s for you!  In general kids of any age are welcome to come to meetups as the idea is about building a sustainable community.  The only exception would be if there were some kind of age restrictions imposed by a place we’ve booked into.


How to get in contact: at the moment, we’re working from the Facebook group Free Range Kids in Dublin  We’re also looking into setting up a Twitter account and maybe a simple website but for now, Facebook is where you’ll find out what’s going on.

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