Time and Money Meeting # 2, Broadstone Studios, Harcourt Tce, Dublin 2, 31 July 2013.

The second meeting of The Mothership Project will take part on the 31st of July at 11am at Broadstone Studios. The theme of the meeting is Time and Money. All are welcome to contribute to a conversation about the precarious working conditions and pay for visual artists and how this impacts on family life and vice versa. The meeting will be lead by Michelle Browne and Seoidín O’Sullivan.

For further information contact themothershipproject [at] gmail . com

Studio at Home Meeting # 1, Drimnagh, June 2013.


– a group of parenting visual artists working from individual home studios in Dublin.


The first Studio at Home meeting took place in Orla Whelan’s Studio, Drimnagh, Dublin in June 2013. Orla Whelan, Vera Klute, Sandy Kennedy, Kitty Rogers, Janine Davidson and Joanne Boyle attended along with toddlers Lara, Theo and Pia.

Orla reiterated her proposal to establish a collective of artists/parents working from home studios. She suggested that this idea could be one of many initiatives that arise from the overall Mothership Project.

We discussed the many advantages of working from home; convenience, cost, being more productive, private and more connected to daily life. We also discussed the disadvantages of working from home; isolation, lack of peer critique, lack of social and networking opportunities, invisibility.

We discussed the advantages of setting up a collective studio group and some potential outcomes which may evolve from this project. Possibilities include to….

  • Meet in each other’s studios and discus each other’s work and offer critique.
  • Invite curators for studio visits (possibly hosted in one of our studios)
  • Develop projects based on possible shared interests/connections in our work.
  • Apply for funding for specific projects and administrative costs.
  • Develop exhibitions
  • Hold a symposium
  • Advocate for access via podcast etc. to events we can’t attend eg. talks.

After much discussion, we decided to form a collective called: AtHomeStudios – a group of parenting visual artists working from individual home studios in Dublin.

We decided to meet every 6 weeks in one of our studios, starting in September 2013. Each member would bring work to the meeting to receive advice and share ideas.

We decided to that it would be more beneficial to keep the numbers relatively low (maybe 12 people maximum) to allow for a more meaningful exchanges and relationships to develop, and to keep studio visits/peer critiques to a manageable size. We decided that any artists interested in joining the group would be invited to attend the next meeting in September (and depending on the level of interest we could establish criteria to join, eg. Primary occupation visual artist, working from studio at home, parent, based in Dublin area..)

We agreed our next steps were:

  • Vera will set up a wordpress website and upload an image of each persons studio and individual website link. An email address for inquiries linked to the website will be redirected to Orla’s personal email.
  • Orla will write up the information for the website, to be circulated to the other five first.
  • Kitty/Vera will look at ways for individuals to upload to website and to share work privately online for feedback amongst ourselves.

AtHomeStudios website will be available soon. For further information in the mean time contact Orla at orlawhelan [at] hotmail.com