Studio at Home Meeting

Themed meeting # 1: Studio at Home

To form a virtual group studios of sorts..- a network of professional visual artists working from home or outside of a group studios situation. To form a named collective that could have a web presence and participate in events such as Visit (not sure how exactly!)

Studio at Home
A practical solution for many artists facing childcare and studio costs has been to work from home. In my case this was done initially to maximise studio time while looking after very young children.  Now that my two children are of school going age, working from home is a choice I have made which suits my studio practice. I am fortunate to have a dedicated studio in my home (a private room with good light , space and heat) at no extra cost. However there are some downsides to this situation:


There is less visibility for my work and practice.
There are less social and networking opportunities than offered to members of group studios.


There is a perception that being a parent and an artist working from home is less professional, that you are a ‘Sunday painter’ who makes work in her spare time at the kitchen table!


To increase visibility and exposure,  increase social and networking opportunities, to increase awareness off different artists practices, to present a positive aspect of  working from home as a professional artist.


If you are interested in this subject  and would like to discuss the possibilities of this or any other initiative relating to the Studio, please come along to a meeting.

Ideas to be discussed at meeting:

  • Establish if there is a demand for /interest in this Idea.
  • If so, what would be the ideal size of collective?(how many artists).
  • What would it be called.. eg AtHome Studios.
  • Would there be an individual cost/fee? To establish website etc.
  • Could administration be funded? Dublin city council/ Arts council Grant etc?
  • Other ideas/proposals…

The meeting will take place at my studio in Drimnagh, Dublin 12 (5 mins from luas stop, 20 min cycle from town, bus).

Proposed dates for meeting: Môn 24th, Tue 25th or Wed 26th June 2013.
Proposed times for meeting :10am, 2pm or 8pm.

If you would like to attend please click onto the doodle calendar here to select your preferred time or contact me at (by Friday 14th June) we will try to go with what suits most people.




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